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Homeground Anthem

Small sleeve

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They say old soldiers never die, but you and I
Have seen some wars God knows.
They’ve pinned the victories to our bones, to war grave stones
But what no medal shows
Is that absence makes the heart grow fonder
And we will never see their like again…
So here’s a toast, To every ghost, To absent friends.


And if the home fires keep on burning,
If the old guard plays the game
If London Bridge is falling down
If nothing stays the same
When the lights go down on loved ones
And when old friends can’t be found
While there’s history, For you and me
There will always be Home Ground

From the factories and the fields you came, remember
From the ship-yards and the foundry flames, remember
Terraced houses and the workshop floors
Through the Passchendaeles and hostile shores
For the helpless who were led to wars, remember


And for every stone we ever threw, remember
For every blood we ever drew, remember
For the hard times and uncertainties
For the right to write our history
For the right to be or not to be, remember


For every silver dream we ever found, remember
For every step we fought to higher ground, remember
For every victory, every grain of sand
For every vision, every promised land
For a place to make that final stand, remember


Some gave the lives they had to give, remember
Some who survived now fight to live, remember
For every homeless grave, beneath the waves
For the nameless brave, we could never save
For that great crusade to end all crusades, remember


Copyright O Shead 2002 (2012)